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CAMILLA | IkeharaHigh Application

“You know it’s going to be bad when they kill off the hottest girl”

Name : Camilla Eide [カミラ • アイデー]

Nickname : Kami

Gender : Female

Age : 17

Birthday : July 2nd

Blood Type : B

Class : 2A

Club : Anime

Dorm or Home : Dorm (Dorm to be decided)

Height : 4’9”(144cm)

Weight : 42kg (92lbs)

Sexual ,’;D / Romantic preference : Bisexual Biromantic (however leans toward men as they are fine, However a very attractive lady is sometimes good enough for her.)

CV : Camilla's voice clip (Fujita, Saki as Rin Eba)


“I have 99 problem and all of them are trying to balance anime and school”

Best Subject : Maths and Japanese.

Worst Subject : PE and Home Economic.

Favourite Subject : Japanese and Music.

Least Favourite Subjects : Science and PE.

Grades : Above average (top of the class in numerous subjects type of average)


“When my waifu died, I died”

Star Sign : Cancer

Writing Hand : Camilla is right handed.

Personality type : ENFP


Camilla is a calm girl, whose animated and charismatic attitude makes her seem tough, however she is very weak and soft on the inside.

She is collected in minor situations, However can lose it in extreme conditions.

 Her attitude tends to me well mannered and can sometimes get out of hand with how much fun she can have, sometimes to the extent of disturbing others.

As well as this, Camilla is a very wise girl, her advice is trustworthy and effective as well as this, what she tells others is usually barely filtered, especially with her love for anime, which makes her look like a weeaboo, however her intentions are all for the sake of comedy. This is different when it comes to personal things like secrets, which she will always keep. (or just forgets about the secret in general)

Never is her attitude moody, Camilla is consistently positive and only occasionally will she get upset however immense amounts of stress lead to her breaking down and How she reacts varies, her behaviour at these times usually consists of shaking, crying and hyperventilating.  

Her attitude can come of as very spiteful, and rebellious in some ways, Camilla does a lot of things for the sake of it. She is quite naive about this but in the end it adds some charm to her personality.

She finds is very easy to brush of negative comments, However if consistent may become doubtful about herself but deep down she is a soft, weak and lonely person, her outside behaviour is just for the sake of others, not always herself.


Camilla is a 17 year old girl, she moved to Japan at the age of 15, as an exchange student. At the 3 months mark, she was approached with the opportunity to permanently reside in Japan, While she does not live for her parents, they pay for some vital expenses of Camilla’s. She is in love with anime, and has been since the age of 6, her love started with watching dubs she had found on youtube, with the little english she did know at the time, she taught herself some english (it’s very bad, but she understands some), she finally found out that they were speaking Japanese and here love for Japan grew from there. She can speak Japanese as she took online lessons at the age of 11, and learnt in person at the age of 13. She can now speak most Japanese, However sometimes does not understand some. She is a weeaboo, and her growth was stunted by overdose on Pocky, as well as soft drink (Soda) gummies. She feels sick every time she sees the gummies, however still love Pocky. Her brother Knut, is still in contact with her, and they speak on the daily, as they are very close.

Likes :

  • Anime

  • Satisfying Slime Videos

  • Pocky

  • Cows

  • Stereotypical Jamaican Accents

Dislikes :

  • Snails

  • Orange (Colour)

  • Sour foods

  • Dirty Glass

  • Watermelon


Cup Size : C cup.

Memes : She likes memes, but usually has no idea what is going on.

RP info

Timezone : UTC+10:00

WIP picture.
As of now, I can't see any mistakes with this artwork. However. I'm expecting it to be cringe when I look back on it. ;'D
Anyways. I tried to the skin as well as possible. Hopefully it looks good. ;D

Leave a comment if there is anything I could fix.
So. I've been pretty busy. So i'm now going to be uploading more than I have been. 
Some of my upload may be just sketches. So bare with me.

Nozomi Tojou Fanart
Hello! Welcome to my first upload on deviant art. I have been working on this for way too long. I will be colouring it later. Lemme know. Hat, or no hat.
So. I've been pretty busy. So i'm now going to be uploading more than I have been. 
Some of my upload may be just sketches. So bare with me.


Melozomi's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
I literally, Can never stick to one style. Bare with me.

Feedback is much appreciated!

I am definite weeb trash. Cri.


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